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orangefit  Protein is a complete protein source with all the amino acids you need. The  plant-based protein is vegan-friendly and made with ingredients that are good for you. The yellow split pea is the star in the  delicious and sustainable protein shake. orangefit  is doing  not to animal ingredients, fillers and artificial sweeteners. 


You need protein

Proteins are one of the most important building blocks in our body. Our organs, muscles, skin and hair are made of it. Whether you are an athlete or artist; you need your daily dose of protein. For the production of muscles, energy, but also for muscle recovery and other important daily tasks. With the  Orangefit Protein you know for sure that you get enough every day.


That feels good

You should feel good after a shake. That is why we think it is not only important that Orangefit Protein tastes good and is made from the very best ingredients, but also that your body responds well to it. Orangefit Protein therefore contains no lactose, gluten, soy, sucralose or added sugar.

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