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Intuitive massages in the center of Alkmaar. Click here to book



Nice 2 Relax

relaxation massage

30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes

self care


We are all trying to keep up with our busy lives. You feel responsible for your work, your family and maintaining your social contacts. More than once you lose sight of yourself.  

You get tired, get physical complaints and your head works overtime. Maybe you noticed it somewhere, but you ignored it, like most people do.


Running past yourself causes:

- Fatigue
- Physical complaints

such as: sore and stiff muscles

- Worry
- Stress
- Mood swings

Unwind and book a moment of relaxation for yourself.

True  do i need

Total relaxation

After the "Nice 2 Relax" massage you can relax and continue with your day

More Energy

After the firm "Energy Flow" massage, your energy flows through your body again

Rest for me & my little one

The "Mommy 2 Be" massage is soothing for you and your little one

90 minutes on a mini vacation

The "You're Worth it" massage is comparable to a mini vacation

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